The Little Give 2018

You Don’t have to see to believe

Gerry Leary of The Unseen Bean

On December 21, 2018,

R2K’s Kindness Champions gathered around in the local Boulder coffee shop, The Unseen Bean, to meet with Gerry Leary, The Little Give 2018 recipient. Resort 2 Kindness worked hard for this final moment in The Little Give 2018 Fundraiser — the big check presentation.

Gerry Leary is the owner of a Colorado coffee shop named The Unseen Bean. Blind since birth, Gerry never let that stop him from pursuing his passion and mastering a craft that is heavily dependent on sight — coffee roasting. Proving you don’t have to see to believe in your dreams, he started The Unseen Bean 15 years ago, a coffee shop and roasting company, which also employs a wonderful group of equally passionate people — some who also have disabilities like Gerry.

Unfortunately, changes in the market required Gerry to move his roasting facility more than 30 miles from its original location. And because he is blind and cannot drive, this move required Gerry to pay $100 a day for transportation to get to and from the facility each day — a $26,000 financial increase annually. For a small business, this can make the difference between success and financial jeopardy, so R2K rallied our Kindness Champions to help Gerry and his extraordinary team to maintain their ability to serve their community.

On December 21, we tallied up all the results. From 164 donors in 23 different states, Resort 2 Kindness raised $18,456 for Gerry Leary and the moment was unforgettable! We appreciated our Kindness Community coming together to raise money for such an amazing person.

Photo Courtesy of Ruthie Jordan

Photo Courtesy of Ruthie Jordan

The History Behind The Unseen Bean

Photo Courtesy of    The Unseen Bean

Photo Courtesy of The Unseen Bean

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