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You’ve arrived at a place dedicated to the possibility of endless generosity and unconditional love. A place where a little kindness goes a really long way. Where all good-doers are welcome and no act of kindness is turned away! This is Resort 2 Kindness (R2K), an organization started from the love of one family committed to making a difference by transforming the world through thoughtfulness, generosity and unconditional love. R2K is a charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that started in 2007. The founder, Elva Pellouchoud, was inspired to launch the nonprofit in honor of her parents, Barbara and Patrick, who have spent their lives demonstrating the power of giving to each of their 15 children. Since its inception, R2K has tracked acts of kindness in 14 countries and all 50 states.

No act of kindness, big or small goes unnoticed—and each and every one of us is affected by the outcome of generosity, love, compassion and kindness toward others. The goal of Resort 2 Kindness is to create a chain reaction of kindness throughout the world.

Welcome to the Kindness.

Pellouchoud Family 1998

Pellouchoud Family 1998

Mission & Vision


Every year, R2K seeks to create opportunities for Kindness Champions to share acts of kindness through three main initiatives — The Little Give, The BIG Give and Kindness Day. Each approaches giving in a slightly different way, but all share the goal of demonstrating the powerful contribution that giving makes in the lives of human beings. See our Kindness in Action section to find out the many ways you can get involved.


Annual Giving Initiatives


Kindness Day

R2K’s inaugural event, Kindness Day, is held in honor of our founder’s birthday each year. This giving initiative was created to carve out one volunteer day that encourages – and provides an opportunity for – individuals to spread kindness and cheer. For its Kindness Day initiative, Resort 2 Kindness seeks to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of others through love and sweat equity. In previous years our volunteers have assisted senior citizens, handed out sandwiches to the homeless and hosted an ice cream social at a low-income housing facility.


The BIG Give

R2K’s largest event, The BIG Give, is usually held in the Summer of each year. This giving initiative is targeted at an organization whose focus is geared toward helping less fortunate individuals. For The BIG Give initiative, Resort 2 Kindness seeks to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of others through monetary contributions and in-kind donations of varying degrees from its donors. In previous years for The BIG Give, Resort 2 Kindness has collected in-kind donations for rescue dogs, the homeless, natural disaster victims and more.


The Little Give

The third annual initiative, The Little Give, is held in the Fall/Winter of the year, and aims at helping a specific family or individual in need on a deeply personal level. This initiative solicits monetary donations and seeks to positively impact any financial burdens a family or individual may be incurring, such as medical or other health needs, a change in a housing situation or other services related to food, shelter, clothing or general well-being.

If you have an idea for one of our next giving initiatives or want to be involved, contact us today.



What People are saying

Resort 2 Kindness buddy bench for kids

“We at Whittier are so excited to utilize this gift that will help to spread more kindness throughout our school. Its anti-bullying message has already begun as our students enjoy this gift and use it to help each other. Often I look out the window while teaching and see many children sitting on the bench and enjoying each other’s company. We are so blessed to be given this gift with the generosity of Resort 2 Kindness!”

–Jennifer Shepherd, Whittier Elementary Art Teacher, Buddy Bench Recipient

“You are all amazing! What a truly special donation. Our warehouse team was overwhelmed by your generosity. Thousands of people in need will benefit from Kindness Day! We can’t thank you enough!”

–Alexxa Gagner, Public Relations Director, Denver Rescue Mission, Kindness Day 2016

Avery Nielsen, The Little Give 2012 Recipient

Avery Nielsen, The Little Give 2012 Recipient

“Thank you, Resort 2 Kindness! My daughter and I are able to make things happen we never thought possible with the love of our community! We love you all for everything you have done. You will never be forgotten.”

–The Nielsen Family, The Little Give 2012 Recipient