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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 

The concept behind a “Buddy Bench” is to encourage kindness and inclusiveness for elementary school students. Typically placed within a playground environment, when a student feels lonely or wants someone to talk to, they sit on the bench and other students and staff members recognize their need, go sit with the child, and provide support, comfort and friendship.

R2K’s Buddy Bench adds an even more special layer to this concept. Ours was created in honor of Patrick Pellouchoud, our founder's late father. Each bench is customized with an illustration of the mascot of each school sitting beside a silver fox. (Patrick’s children lovingly called him “The Silver Fox” because of his gorgeous shock of grey hair.)

Any school that desires a custom bench for its playground can request one by filling out the form below. All benches are provided to schools at no cost courtesy of R2K key sponsor, Epiphany. 

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