Shelton Elementary School


FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017,

as the children of Shelton Elementary filed into their auditorium for a special morning assembly, there were many sideways glances at the big bulky object covered in a blue sheet and bookended by two huge helium balloon bouquets. Cross-legged and obedient, they waited for an explanation.

“Today is a special day for two reasons. Who can tell me what the first reason might be?” asked Principal Karen Brown. A little girl answered out of range of the microphone. Karen chuckled and said, “OK, there are three reasons today is so special. The first is, the choir is going to sing. What else?” The other two reasons this day was so special were: that it was a Day Without Hate (a national day of kindness created by a student-led organization promoting nonviolence, unity and respect within schools) and R2K’s Kindness Day!

“We’ve been given a special gift by an organization called Resort 2 Kindness,” explained Mrs. Brown. “Do you want to see what’s under the sheet?” she asked everyone, and invited Elva to join her in unveiling the beautiful custom-designed cedar wood Buddy Bench. “I’m super excited to give you guys the very first buddy bench that has a Silver Fox and a Coyote!” announced Elva after the oohs, ahhs and applause had settled.

The concept behind a Buddy Bench is to encourage inclusiveness. When a student feels lonely or wants someone to talk to, they sit on the bench and other students and staff members recognize their need, go sit with the child, and provide support, comfort and friendship.

Both Karen and Elva talked about the two buddies sitting on the bench together: The Silver Fox representing R2K’s inspiration and Elva’s late father, Patrick Pellouchoud, and Shelton’s school mascot, the Coyote, representing the students. Elva held back tears as she talked about The Silver Fox, and how he raised 15 kids and lived to be 92 years old. “He loved kids, and he loved being kind, and he loved being a buddy,” she told the students. “With this bench, he’s being a buddy to each and every one of you every day of the year.”

With voices in unison, Shelton’s Health Heroes then shared their Buddy Bench Pledge:

“We pledge to watch our bench and be aware,

So kids know that we care.

Be kind to students big or small,

Give cheerful comfort to one and all.

Encourage friends to come and play,

So being a buddy makes their day.”

The highly anticipated choir then sang their Buddy Bench Song — a cheerful re-wording of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

As the students filed out of the auditorium and back to class at the conclusion of the reveal, some took the opportunity to take a closer look at their new bench. They read aloud the quote painted on the front, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” and gently stroked the shiny polished wood with little admiring hands.

Thank you, Shelton Elementary for welcoming our R2K family into your special school community!