The History of the unseen bean


It all started when ...

he was sitting at breakfast in a San Francisco restaurant on Pier 40 when he heard what he thought was a giant rock polisher was actually the sound of the restaurant roasting their own coffee. He told us, “I asked the waiter about it and he said, ‘Hey this is something you could do. You don’t even need to see the roasted coffee.’ So, we roasted coffee together for a couple hours and I learned how to do it by sound and smell!” And the rest is history! However, his journey wasn’t easy. It took him a couple of years of job search with no luck to make him realize he needed to go in a different direction and start his own business — The Unseen Bean.

We were so inspired by Gerry’s story and his determination to never give up on his dreams no matter the obstacle. His commitment to his craft and his irrepressible good nature to always help others through his coffee shop leaves a positive impression on everyone that he encounters. Gerry is a direct representation of R2K’s values and mission and why he was selected for The Little Give 2018 Initiative. We raised money for Gerry to show him that what he does for his community leaves an everlasting impact on us all and to encourage him and others to continue choosing kindness.