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Resort 2 Kindness buddy bench for kids

“We at Whittier are so excited to utilize this gift that will help to spread more kindness throughout our school. Its anti-bullying message has already begun as our students enjoy this gift and use it to help each other. Often I look out the window while teaching and see many children sitting on the bench and enjoying each other’s company. We are so blessed to be given this gift with the generosity of Resort 2 Kindness!”

–Jennifer Shepherd, Whittier Elementary Art Teacher, Buddy Bench Recipient

“You are all amazing! What a truly special donation. Our warehouse team was overwhelmed by your generosity. Thousands of people in need will benefit from Kindness Day! We can’t thank you enough!”

–Alexxa Gagner, Public Relations Director, Denver Rescue Mission, Kindness Day 2016

Avery Nielsen, The Little Give 2012 Recipient

Avery Nielsen, The Little Give 2012 Recipient

“Thank you, Resort 2 Kindness! My daughter and I are able to make things happen we never thought possible with the love of our community! We love you all for everything you have done. You will never be forgotten.”

–The Nielsen Family, The Little Give 2012 Recipient