The Big give 2018

kind academy of training


July 2018,

marked another opportunity to make dreams come true through R2K’s annual The BIG Give celebration. 2018 was particularly unique because we selected a previous The Little Give recipient from 2016, Chad France, to pursue his lifelong dream and passion of creating a nonprofit organization that provides basketball training and development camps for elementary and middle school youth. And so with the help of Resort 2 Kindness and its generous donors, the King Academy of Training (“KAT” for short) was born.

Chad provided us with an entire outline of his vision for KAT — everything from the camp courses, to equipment needed, location, the look and feel, time frame, age groups, logo and apparel design, custom basketballs and trophies, etc., were discussed in lengthy detail. R2K Kindness Champions came through in a BIG give way, donating all of the equipment needed, while our partners at Epiphany provided many of the other camp needs.

More than 90 kids signed up for the inaugural weekend of the King Academy of Training, which was held at the Hillside Community Center in Colorado Springs. Chad was completely overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for all the time, energy and efforts that went toward making his dream come true!

“Basketball has paved the path for so much of my life,” said Chad. “It is why I feel so driven to bring the game to young kids who can use its principles to provide valuable life lessons as it did for me. By starting the King Academy of Training, I hope to provide future generations with the same foundation of discipline, hard work and a drive to achieve.”

Resort 2 Kindness extended a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to Chad France and to everyone involved in making The BIG Give and KAT such a success! We were so grateful for the continued support and contributions we received from our R2K devotees. We couldn’t have done it without you!