Kindness Day 2018


Although kindness day is every day in r2k’s world,

there is one day, in particular, that does shine brighter than the rest. The significance of this day happens to be the birthday of our founder, Elva Pellouchoud! R2K’s giving initiative, Kindness Day, is held each year in honor of Elva and was created to carve out one volunteer day that encourages—and provides an opportunity for—individuals to spread kindness and cheer within the community.

For Kindness Day 2018, R2K selected a very unique and special organization to partner with that we thought could use a little help—pun intended! It is called A Little Help and its mission is to connect neighboring communities to help seniors thrive, enhance lives and strengthen connections through compassion, acts of service and kindness.

Our Kindness Krew loaded up their vehicles with various tools and equipment ranging from shovels, garden rakes, pitchforks, weed trimmers, pruning saws and brooms, which were all graciously supplied by A Little Help. Our Krew split up into two teams and went to visit four deserving seniors in need. Our Krew spent quality time with each resident and graciously assisted them with various yard work tasks that were in desperate need to be completed but could not be accomplished without the help of our team. Each resident was so elated and appreciative of the time and volunteer work that was provided to them!

The whole mission behind R2K is to inspire people to make the world a better and kinder place for the people of today, as well as the generations of tomorrow. We were so inspired by the profound influence A Little Help makes within the community and honored to work alongside the organization to make every little impact count!

Resort 2 Kindness would like to thank all the staff members of A Little Help with a special shout-out to Tanya Matthias and Kenzi Everitt for helping us make our Kindness Day 2018 a success. We would also like to thank Custom Ink and our Epiphany design team for creating our stylish “Kindness Krew” hats and our R2K family and friends for their unfailing love, contributions and continued support!