2017 Little Give

a wish of a lifetime

This touches me that someone cares about us. I now know that there are good things ahead!
— Carolyn Buchanan, age 70

Carolyn and mike buchanan…

live in a low-income community in Sharon, PA. When Carolyn became legally blind and Mike completely blind, both as adults, their lives changed dramatically and their independence began to diminish. Earlier this year, they were devastated when their computer crashed, which was their “window to the outside world.” They lost priceless family photos, letters, and children’s books that she had been patiently writing over the years. Carolyn stated, “We have lost so much in our lives. Those pictures and things I wrote on the computer were all I had left.” She shared with Wish of A Lifetime that it would be “life changing” to get the contents of her old computer back, and she prayed every day that her wish would come true.

R2K was honored to partner with Wish of a Lifetime, a nonprofit organization committed to fulfilling seniors’ lifelong wishes and dreams and sharing their stories to inspire those of all ages to fulfill Carolyn and Mike’s Wish. Last week, this couple was stunned to find that all of the contents of their old computer had been retrieved and that they would be getting a new computer to reconnect them with the outside world once again. “It means the world to me to get everything back! It is like a huge chunk of our lives has been returned.” – Carolyn.

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to Wish of a Lifetime for giving us this incredible opportunity to help make The Buchanan’s dream a reality for Resort 2 Kindness’ Little Give 2017! Also, a very special thank you to Chris Padgett of First Blush Photos and to Aaron Hager of Available Light Photography for beautifully capturing the priceless emotion of this special wish!