Whittier Elementary School Buddy Bench

“We at Whittier are so excited to utilize this gift that will help to spread more kindness throughout our school. It’s anti-bullying message has already begun as our students enjoy this gift and use it to help each other. Often I look out the window while teaching and see many children sitting on the bench and enjoying each other’s company. We are so blessed to be given this gift with the generosity of Resort2Kindness!

– Jennifer Shepherd, Whittier Elementary Art Teacher


Wish of A Lifetime

“Thank you Wish of A Lifetime and Resort 2 Kindness for making all of this happen! I don’t even have the words to tell you how thrilled I am.”

– Little Give 2017 recipient, Carolyn Buchanan, age 70

Denver Rescue Mission

“You are all amazing! What a truly special donation. Our warehouse team was overwhelmed by your generosity. Thousands of people in need will benefit from Kindness Day! We can’t thank you enough!”

– Alexxa Gagner, Public Relations Director

Video footage: Kindness Day 2016 at the Denver Rescue Mission
Ear Community

“…[to] Elva and everyone who made the donations possible for this $10,000 grant. Today was just such an amazing day! I feel like I just watched a TV show. I didn’t know what you do actually exists and to know that there are good people in this world that still believe in giving back… I still can’t believe it!!! I want to remember this day forever.”

– Melissa Tumblin, Founder

Video footage: Melissa Tumblin slowly realizes Ear Community has received a $10,000 grant.
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Every Creature Counts (Trucks 4 Pups 2015 Participant)

“Every Creature Counts adopted out 16 pups and we can easily say the food donated was over $1500. Thank you again for the invite. My volunteers spoke highly of the event and all had a great time. Thank you.”

– Melisa Wagy, Director of Operations


Waggin’ Tails Canine Rescue Colorado (Trucks 4 Pups 2015 Participant)

“THANK YOU!!! We have about $650 in donations 🙂 This is HUGE for us!
THANK YOU!!! The dogs are happy!!”

– Waggin’ Tails Canine Rescue Colorado

FB Thank You - Waggin Tails
Image of in-kind donations received by Waggin’ Tails Canine Rescue Colorado during Trucks 4 Pups 2015
Westminster Commons

“Your crew was spectacular and very thoughtful. They seemed to be having as much fun as all of us were having. The decorations were spectacular! It’s nice to see that R2K is an organization that gives not only kindness to others but memories that won’t be forgotten!”

– Gerri L. Branham

WC - Option 1
WC - Option 2
WC - Option 3
Yes! The R2K volunteers did have as much fun as the Westminster Commons residents! Big smiles all round!
The Nielsen Family (Little Give 2012 Recipient)

“Thank you Resort 2 Kindness! My daughter and I are able to make things happen we never thought possible with the love of our community! We love you all for everything you have done. You will never be forgotten.”

– The Nielsen Family

Gabriel Nielsen, Little Give 2012 Recipient
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The Stink Bug Project

“When we think about what [Resort 2 Kindness] did for our daughter, Allison, founder of The Stink Bug Project, we still get emotional. Your thoughtful gifts and the time you spent preparing the event, posters, gifts, and the giant check, made her feel like a princess.”

– Dianna Litvak and Brian Winn

Alisons Note
Thank you note from The Stink Bug Project, Allison Winn
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Cheryl Beckwith

“R2K is WONDERFUL. You have touched and inspired my class and me to be kinder and more loving. Your words penetrated us and moved us into action. I can never thank you enough for what you did today. I will never be the same again and in 39 years of teaching, today is at the top.”

– Cheryl Beckwith

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Students at Sky Vista Middle School

“I never thought that something so little could do so much. I thought that you were an angel sent from heaven and how you can change people’s lives in a small act of kindness. Thank you so much for everything.”

– Sophia Monclova, Student

Sky Vista Student Letters
Thank you notes from students at Sky Vista Middle School
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New Community Jewish High School

“On behalf of the Parent Partnership campaign committee, our board, students and faculty, we thank you for your recent donation of $1000 to New Community Jewish High School as a matching gift through the Resort 2 Kindness program. The School’s success and growth is a direct result of your generosity.”

– Tonie, Amari and Amoi

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