Read through some of the acts of kindness that R2K participants have completed! Kindness in action is touching people from across the country and the world!







Last 500 Kindnesses:

Act of Kindness Recipient City State Feel Result
Volunteered with the elderly Jack Smith Denver CO
A good samaritan stopped to give my mom a ride home! Mother Love & all of her offspring! Boulder CO Grateful and happy that there are people looking out for one another Mom safely tucked into her nest!
Sent a box of chocolates to a woman who was spending Valentines Day without her love for the first time (in decades!) as he had passed away last year. Mother Love Boulder CO My heart smiled hearing about it because it was an unexpected gesture – and yet, totally in-line with the kind of person he is. The person who sent the chocolates would never record this act, so I am doing it on his behalf. He made A LOT of hearts smile with such a sweet gesture of genuine thought and care for someone so special to so many.
Gave care bag to homeless family with food, water, a toothbrush Homeless family Louisville CO Good, very happy and proud I didn\’t see the family on the street the next couple days
Thank you card from Mary Me Denver CO <3 Full Spirit Blossom of the Heart!
Participated in Kindness Day 2016! Denver Rescue Mission Denver CO Grateful for the opportunity to help such a wonderful organization and the people they serve. Two tons of food, clothing and toiletries donated, in addition to $4000 in cash!
Got stuck in the snow on the side of the freeway after spinning out during a recent blizzard. Got pulled out by an awesome dude called \’Deigv\’ who was just out there towing people out for \’fun\’ and wanted nothing in return for his efforts! Me Denver CO AMAZED at the kindness of this young fellow. We had car troubles with our other vehicle and so my husband had no way to come and \’save\’ me! Deigv will go far in this life with that kind of attitude!! I am SO GRATEFUL to you for pulling me out!!!!!
in the check out line stranger Highlands Ranch colorado awesome happy day
A co-worker took the time to load up her crock pot last night and bring in warm steel cut oatmeal with apples and cinnamon for everyone to enjoy as they came into the office this morning! My co-workers and I. Englewood CO Lucky to work in a caring community. Our work environment reminds me more of family looking out for each other than a group of people clocking in and out of the building for a paycheck. The warm and fuzzies – and a great day at the office!
Walking home from school drop off this morning, I found that my neighbors (both sides) had already shoveled their sidewalks, and did mine for me while they were at it! Me Golden CO Grateful that I live in a neighborhood where people look after each other and perform kind acts like this! Already making plans to \’get them back\’ after the next snow dump!
My dad will do anything for me, unconditionally. Sonya Melbourne Victoria Loved I will return the same love to my children, unconditionally.
My dad sleeps over when my husband is out of town for work, because I get scared in the house when he\’s gone. He\’s always so thoughtful and giving. Mother of 2 Melbourne Australia Safe and secure. My dad is always there for me when I need him. Love you dad!
My sons and I were enjoying dinner out when a generous couple picked up our tab without our knowledge. yes Austin TX Overwhelmed that someone would just do that out of the kindness of there heart. We only wished we could have thanked them. My sons and I appreciate it more than words can say. It showed my 13 year old that there are genuinely kind people in this world who ask for nothing in return. He is now very excited about paying it forward
My sons and I were enjoying dinner out when a generous couple picked up our tab without our knowledge. yes Austin TX Overwhelmed that someone would just do that out of the kindness of there heart. We only wished we could have thanked them. My sons and I appreciate it more than words can say. I showed my 13 year old that there are genuinely kind people in this world who ask for nothing in return. He is now very excited about paying it forward
My mother in law helps me with my children all the time. mother in law melbourne Victoria cared for and loved less stressed
Gave up seat for a young lady on her way to the world cup so she wouldn\’t miss it Unknown young lady Quebec Canada Very rulfilled She was able to attend world cup
bought my students donuts for national donut day third grade class Tonawanda NY Happy that trying would have a treat on a Friday.
A car waiting at a light at 6th and Lincoln handed a can of Ginger Ale to a homeless man. A man standing on the corner of 6th and Lincoln. Denver CO I was just an observer, but watching this kind act made me feel good about people, and their ability to be kind to one another. The recipient smiled and thanked the person who handed him the soda. He looked very grateful.
Upon hearing that my grandma had spent the week in hospital, my co-workers sent her flowers. My grandmother. Westminster CO Valued. I\’m grateful to work with a bunch of kind and considerate people. She loved them and they brightened her day (and apartment!).
A very sweet and thoughtful thank you email from Gerri at Westminster Commons. Resort 2 Kindness Denver CO We had so much fun organizing and hosting an Ice Cream Social for all the wonderful residents at Westminster Commons for Kindness Day 2015. We were so happy to hear from our new friends, and delighted to hear that they had as much fun as we did! It was so nice of them to take the time out to write and let us know we were appreciated. It made us feel very appreciated and special.
Left lottery tickets stuck behind a bathroom mirror at Mapleton Center in Boulder Random stranger Boulder Colorado Hopeful Maybe someone won some money. Even if they didn\’t, just scratching the ticket can be fun as you cross your fingers and hope to win.
Karma Family photo session by Z pics and Sassafras photography Rouland family Superior CO Loved beautiful family photographs that we would otherwise not have. These 2 separate moms have captured so much beauty, especially little faces. I am blown away by their talent and generous donation of their time.
Someone paid for my meal Brooke Jones Denver CO GREAT! Pay it forward
Scraped the ice off of people\’s cars at work for them Some co-workers Superior CO Happy 🙂
starting the new year off with a fresh batch of Kindness! My sister treated us to a fabulous brunch at Dot\’s on the mountain in Nederland, CO!!! Family, food, friends….kindness and generosity, wisdom and love, thank you!! Mary,Bill,Giga,Mom,Dad,Heather,Pat,and the crew at Dots! Nederland Co inspired,happy memories and love
bought starbucks for the person in line behind me random aurora co awesome
Donation Colorado Flood Victims Minneapolis MN Fulfilled We\’ll see after the 15th!
looking out for my family….a friend donatescinnamon rolls to a neighbor of mone with cancer. It makes them happy and me too! warrens wichita ks wonderful a family who is struggling feels remembered
bought four gift cards for The Big Give 🙂 Colorado Flood Victims Laguna Hills CA Great to be able to make a difference for those in need We\’ll find out December 15 when R2K delivers the gift cards!
Beautiful memory cards for a family members funeral The Poffel Family Englewood CO Loved A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man!
Randomly given chocolate by a girl studying nearby while in the midst of midterm cramming. Me and about a dozen other students nearby. Berkeley CA Relieved, Grateful, Cared for. Everyone took a few seconds out of their studying to acknowledge how happy this kind act made them. A lot of people said it \”made their day\” and smiles were all around!
bought groceries for a family of four in need family whose parents\’ are out of work irvine ca good to be able to help a struggling family family was very grateful
My father sent me an awesome package as a complete surprise! Me Berkeley CA Happy, relieved, loved I have an awesome bouncy cow which reminds me to pay forward the happy random acts of kindness everyday!
yard fairies went and mowed Grandma and Grandpa\’s yard! Grandma and Grandpa! Boulder co happy and helpful they have their lawn lookin good!
made a donation to unicef through Anastasia bringing awareness to poverty unicef Louisville Co great!!! kindness
gave a ride to work to my roommate on his first day at his new job Joe Louisville Co happy! he\’s early to work on a snowy , spring morning
My aunt crocheted two beautiful baby blankets for my husband and my first baby, due in September. I received these in the mail with complete surprise! My little growing baby Westminster CO I felt the overwhelming love and excitement my family has for this baby not yet born. I also felt so blessed to have such an amazing family to support me through this period of joy! Our little one will have some beautiful blankets to wrap up in when he/she arrives home and we start our life together as a family of three.
My aunt gave my family a gift card to spend on our little bundle of joy we\’re expecting in September! Me! Westminster CO I felt the love and support of my family and their never wavering generosity and kindness. Our little one will have some nice things when he/she arrives and mom and dad will feel more prepared.
My Vigil sister shared a gift certificate for a hair cut and high lights this month. Nicole Denver CO Loved by family With my sisters help and gift, I will have a treat with the high lights for my look this month. My hair will also be back in shape this month without waiting a few more months for a hair cut.
neighbor gave me her shirts she never wears, one was a turtleneck which was perfect in the snow! Mary – dog lover Louisville Co thankful kindness
Heard through the grapevine that Amber bought a pair of socks for the guy working in the parking lot whose feet were wet and cold Joe Superior Co inspired kinness
Jah sent me the new Cesar Milan book! Mary – dog lover Louisville Co amazing! kindness
Received a cool office plant on my first day at work. Patrick Bursey Englewood CO Welcomed and Appreciated. The plant looks great now. Hopefully, I can keep this one alive. 🙂
a handmade Valentine from Nicole Mary Louisville Co loved kindness…
My roommate Joe surprised me with a bag of my favorite candy after I had a difficult day because my dogs had a quarrel Mary Louisville Co amazed that he thought of it, it was exactly what I wanted to ease the stress and worry – not good for me, but definitely exactly what I wanted kindness… and candy
my roommate made a modest dinner plate for me when I came home from work Mary Louisville Co thought of in a wonderful way! kindness- steamed broccoli, baked tilapia , and rice!
got a surprise gift ready for my friend even though her birthday was 2 weeks past – better late than never! Fallon Broomfield Co so happy to think of her and acknowledge her! kindness…
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A police officer paid for my gumdrops at Walgreens when I ran shy of change. sweet tooth one! Louisville Co happy! surprised! thankful gumdrops and a smile along with happy memory
Gave a hotdog to a homeless man and his dog the dog, he gave the hotdog to his dog with tail wagging! Superior Co amazed what a small thing can make a big difference kindness…
My brother shared a poem he wrote Jim and family Lyons, Co and Blandon, PA Co inspired kindness !!!
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cutest gift brought in person, and delivered with a big hug!!!!!!!! Mary Louisville CO sooo happy to see my sister, and wished she could\’ve dropped in for tea – but very touched she took the time to drive way out to my porch just to bring me a gift ( the best , cutest gift!!) KINDNESS !!!
gave Christmas tree to family starting over newly single mom Colorado Springs CO Filled with Christmas Spirit She will have a tree for Christmas morning in her new little place after leaving the shelter
returned a shopping cart for another customer a stranger Parker CO nice I got a smile from her because she didn\’t have to take her cart to the corral.
food delivered for my family Me and kids Parker CO thankful and loved and relieved my family doesn\’t have to stress about buying food for a few weeks. I can afford to buy our medicine without wondering if we will eat
donated trees to Boulder County Aids Project recipients/clients of the project Boulder Co warmth of the true meaning of the season…. met David, and made a difference in a few families holiday, we hope !
Nicole brought dental floss for me because my lunch often get stuck in my teeth ! Mary Superior CO amazed by her thoughtfulness kindness! : )
a thoughtful suggestion on where to donate Christmas Tree One who gets to help Superior Co happy! families will have a tree who wouldn\’t have been able to afford it
Joe took Mateen to the mountains Mateen Boulder Colorado thankful gratitude
Colleen shared her home made dinner with us house mates at Buchanan Louisville Co amazed at her thoughtfulness and how she always knows just the sweet thing to do delicious dinner for all
a thank you drawing and a note from Joe Mary Louisville Co touched and inspired happiness!
anonymously sent enough to cover the utility bill cjm Taos NM glow warmth
a surprise package arrived with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree just for me!! one who adores Charlie Brown trees , and sentimental memories Louisville Co inspired into the feeling and meaning of Christmas kindness! : )
a friends car broke down so I loaned him mine so he could get to and from work Joe Louisville co helpful unknown
went to Katy Asmus fundraiser Katy and all Westminster Co inspired by her courage and the love of those close to her happy memory
a woman quietly donated $50 to Katy for Katy\’s fight with ovarian cancer Katy Superior CO touched and amazed Katy is loved and supported by many …..
Estelle heard I needed a training collar for my dog, and donated enough $$ for me to go right out and get one! Mary and Mateen Boulder CO astounded and awestruck by her goodness and thoughtful kindness!!!! let the training begin!!!
cute comic sent made me smile! Mary Louisville Co neat that one can laugh with a humor that tells a story, yet hurts no one in process smiles
hug from a friend one in need Superior CO touched, loved, connected kindness!
leftover food from fancy Hacienda dinner sent home with me! appreciative Louisville CO thankful!! gratitude and well appreciated food
My firend Caleb invited me to a benefit for ovarian cancer awareness for our friend Katy Mary Westminster CO touched and inspired, and extremely grateful will go to her benefit on November 11
Arranged for a friend to get therapy person with parkinsons San Diego ca ALERT Rules of hosptal THERAPY POOL said I HAD TO Have AN ATTENDENT WHILle I did 6 weeks of muscle( TONING) I found out that same traning wasbeneficial to persons with PARKINSONS & arranged for my friend to be my attedent. She is ecstatic getting to do the exercises along with me & MY EXCELLENT INSURANE PICKING UP THE TAB
Helped young song writer him LOS ALTOS ca think we came to a better FLOW with MIX of hip hop with more traditional Feeling of accomplishment
PLAYED GOOD FAIRY Neighbor who had to drive a grain truck 2 weeks straight with no time off STERLING co thought to see he always had some homemade soup waiting 12 to 16 hour days means getting enough sleep is a challenge
Listened to happy old stranger in parking lot him OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA HAPPY HE was about to drive off with his cell phone on roof of his car. When I managed to SOP him he had 3 more stories he wanted to share & I lisened appreciatively cause he said he could see I was geting OLDEr & would soon have to wath myself more carefully AND he hoped when I got erratic someone like me wouuld come along & save me NICE!
APARTMENT NEWSLETTER ALL 46 units TOPEKA KANSAS FREELACER KEEPS us all informed just cause its what he likes to do. GETTS ALL TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER better & be more neighborly .
Anote about HARMONY OLD couple srrugging with some impatience due to heavy demands of illness DETROIT MI SUCH AN UPBEAT NOTE about THE YIN YANG & clarity of harmonious actions Put the YIN YANG symbol on our FRIDG to remind us to stay in HARMONY with our MANY BLESSINGS!!!
watching ADULT Children & Granchildren take a CARETAKER DAD & GRANDAD OUT TO SUDAY BREAKFAST!!! stanley Lake co Proud of them for seeing that a harried CARETAKER got a TIMEOUT WITH BUNDLES & BUNDLES OF CARING LOVE!!!
A SCRUBBED bathroom & kitchen MOM temporarily unable to clean her own house Detroit mi happy & humble Feel like I am claiming an orderly life back again!
got to LISTEN a mom at Water Therapy pool Boise IDAHO She comes 5 days a wek with her brain injured daughter MOM 62, DAUGHTER 26. IMAGIE THAT KIND OF LOVE!
invitation me to 80th Birthday Celabration BOISE IDAHO HAPPY to see a Friend HONORED fo a LIFETIME OF KINDNESS in ACTION
LISTENED YOUNG MAN with a PROBLEM Washington DC helpful He needed to SEE the Good in hiimself
NOW HERES a KINDNESS in actio! Was drvving by & saw a young man put his bike on the ground & run to an older lady with cane who seemed to be stumbling across the st against the light San Mateo CA Proud someone had raised a very concerned young man BRAVO!!!
Stranger walked over to man with 2 artificial legs I got to hear their conversation Columbus OHIO YOU must be a vetVET? SURE AM. I JUST NEED TO SAY THANK YOU I Haven\’t heard that too often said th vet….. Well a lot of people are shy; But I know MANY are thinking it……
a thoughtful gesture Prenant young mother with 2 toddlers Millbrae ca 3 customers sepped asde & let her go to head of grocery line She was ALL SMILES & so were they
list of old LOVED MOVIES BED CONFINED active person santa cruz ca a real oldie VIVA Zapata with Marlon Brando Great Entertainment is making my days pass faster
made a list of favrite movies foe a bed bound friend HIM SANTA CRUZ CA helpfull Favorites so far: A FISH CALLED WANDA & A classic about LEO TOLSTOY THE LAST STATION
spontaneous cooperation EVERYONE INVOLVED WILD BLUE YONDER several very cranky 6 month old Howling his discomfort at a 3 hr plane trip Passenger after passenger waked the aisle holding him. He calmed down after first one & one half hours & ALL ENJOYED th COOPERATION & THE PEACE
family & friends come together To heplp aged old folks in time of need Detroit MI LOVED,LoVED, LOVED!!! Harmony
Dad is learning to make Kale soup Mom Boulder CO look forward to trying it! Monday results will be in! soups on!
help with a dream Mary Boulder Co hope to see and study more about dreams dream is bringing transformation
drove to Broomfield and picked up Patricia\’s dog while Pat is in Hawaii her dog, Kali wont be alone Kali Broomfield Co called to action gratitude
dream from son in California mom Grand Rapids MI Happy that he believed in my Jungian training Sharing on a soul & spirit level
Info me in Therapy Pool Detroit mi Friendly soul swam over to tell stories Of 8 others in BIG pool. I was inspired to hear of so much cou Bleess her BIG heart.rage & Bravery
GENTLENESS BROKEN ONE Boulder co Stired to COURAGE IF others can believe me worthy of such GENTLE LOVING CARE…. I want to live up to their hope & be a better GIVER.
acts of loving & giving Broken one Boulder c CO BRAVE SO MUCH THOUGTFUL KINNDNESS makes me want to heal faster so I can join the amazing CAREGIVERS
Heart lessons Broken ONE Boulder CO HUMBLED, GRATEFUL, PROUD Proud of other walking wounded( Some NOT walking) who have been so KIND in sharing their cocern, hope, courage. Feel part of a great teeming wave of humanity that pulls with beautiful giving to help those in pain
Check-in from a friend Elva Englewood CO Considered and important Love delivered by text!
Love packages out in the mail My angels All over All over Organized Smiles (hopefully!)
A referral on Linked-in Elva Englewood CO Acknowledged Kind words warm the heart!
Support from my fiance Elva Parker CO loved and understood a new agreement to health and wellness!
my friend kristin offered to run a very special errand for me! Elva Englewood CO like i had my own private angel it created peace of mind for me – and hopefully a little joy for another once the errand is complete!
My friend sent me a great text photo today with an inspirational saying and a cute dog! Elva Englewood CO Joyful It was a great gift for me – and all the other people I shared it with following! A kind thought really is the gift that keeps on giving!
Helped inspire love and possibility in a friend. Top Secret Parker CO Valuable They were very loved.
Referral was given to me by my CPA friend. Patrick B. Parker CO Excited about the possibility of closing my first deal. We\’ll see…
Letter of love for a sick puppy Elva Englewood CO Considered and thought about Puppy on the mend!
Our neighbor let us borrow their lawn mower since ours was acting up Us Parker CO Loved A beautifully groomed back yard!
helped clean condo for a showing prospective buyer Boulder Co fun tbd –
brother met us at the airport and gave us a ride Mom and Mary Millbrae CAlifornia thankful!!! comfortable ride to hotel
Picked up trash at State Park Nature lovers Franktown CO happy to help those who don\’t leave no trace Park is a little cleaner for the next visitors and the animals who live there
GIFT from the Blue!!! me St Paul Mnn A ROSE ! Just because! How sweet!
Prayers one who is suffering loss Detroit Mi understood comforted
UNDERSTANDING OLD SIS Fort Myers FL Blessed cherish even more my understanding Bro
Dream Appreccation Helped stranger unravel her dream Lafayette co Listened, appreciated, loaned her DREAM WORK by Jeremy Taylor She is on a path to very special ENLIGHTENMENT !
Helping Foreign student him Boulder co He NEEDS a home to live in so he can do his studies at C U Will not stop til I find him one!
SMILE & sense of humor about his stroke Auntie & cousin Fremont Ca Proud & humble fo0rom his SPIRIT His warmth, gentleness And kind concern for others will live like a lighthouse in my heart!
Drive around San Francisco 2 visitors San Francisco Ca Took all anxiety out of finding memorabl places with personal guide EXTRORDINAIRE ! So pleased & thankful for such a friend
T L C AILING WIFE Fort Myers fl Happy & Humble! Will pray that I am as kind to any who need TLC AND especially HIM!
fomm recent accident Broken Bones ordeal Millbrae Ca LOVING COCERN And much help from family & friends. Am so grateful for all!
New friends offering to help with carpools for football practice Us Parker CO Grateful that we can all pitch in to get out boys home safe and sound There will always be a ride for the boys!
Multiple neighbors called to let me know that my son had gotten sick at school. Sarah Parker CO Grateful that our neighbors are looking out for us I was able to get him picked up quickly after the incident and he didn\’t have to stay at school when he wasn\’t feeling well
Kathie J from KS107.5 did a PSA on her Sunday morning radio about Trucks 4 Pups and R2K R2K Englewood CO Thrilled that the \”Doggie Avenger\” was willing to help us promote our event Countless people learned about R2K and our giving initiatives!
note of praise us from a seldom seen friend parker co beautifully appreciated we always hope to be gentle and loving toward our frinds. this dear soul wrote to say she thought of alwys as loving, gentle and kind. Amazing!1
bro helped sis with air fare one who needed to see an ailing nephew Fort Myers fl a pat on the back someone saying \”Atta Girl\” cause he knows my heart is in doing the right thing.
recd BEAUTIFUL message me DETROIT mi Like I should appreciate all the natural wonder that being a human is Iwill send to others, \” Let me see the truth of who I am,no matter how beautiful it may be.\”
helped ablind friend clean & organize her cupboards Her & her Hubby Detroit MI helpful They both heped & watched so he can help her cook
friends to me for an afternoon in the mountains Birthday Girl on her 84th Allenspark co Warmly honored Sat on the Humming Bird porch & drank in the peace of the high country
A batch of Wisdom Quotes me Detroit mi honored favorite is this one from Confucious : \” Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart\”
phone call from far away Me from my grandaughter Missoula Montana Remembered Good conversation AND memory to SMILE at as I recall our sharing
sopped with an almost blind friend her Boulder co helpful Had a good time & she was able to find what she neede
ticket to go to Califoniia ME Who very much wanted to visit a nephew Fremont CA Happy to have agiving, thoughtful husband Husband arranged money for tickets so my daughter & me could fly.
Ride To a dog adoption party Ma& Pa Denver co Happy to be part of a VERY SPECIAL occaison seveall dogs went to new, loving homes
A stranger gave my son some hooks and helped him fish – letting him join in with him and his son my son and me Littleton CO happy, inspired my son was able to fish after losing his hook, he got some fishing tips, and made some new friends
Gave soup to my neighbor who was feeling sick Neighbor Parker CO can\’t shake that mother\’s instinct for chicken soup when someone is sick He was grateful not to have to go to the store
a love note in an email from my cousin! Mary Louisville Co thankful!!! inspiration!
My family helped me clean out my dryer vent me and my kids Parker CO Much safer and cooler A serious fire danger has been eliminated, my clothes dry faster saving energy, and my house doesn\’t get as hot when doing laundry!
Donated infant backpack carrier to Real Choices A new single mom Boulder CO Happy to know that another struggling single mom will get to take her wee one out in beautiful Colorado I know the people who work there and accepted the donation were truly appreciative, especially since it is in near-new condition.
A stranger saw my wallet on the floor and handed it back to me. I was unaware that it had fallen out of my backpack when I put my child on my lap to make room on the bus. Me! Larkspur CO renewed faith in people My \”life\” is in my wallet…cash, licence, debit cards…so thankful because I could have been 30 miles away before I realized I had lost it.
Took a picture of a couple at the museum A couple enjoying the Model T \”ride\” Denver CO happy Instead of him taking a picture od just her, they have a picture of the two of them together!
Helped senior couple purchase light rail tckets an unknown couple Denver CO glad I could help I saved them money because they didn\’t know that 65+ get a discount on RTD. It was bright and the screen was hard to read, so I was happy to be able to help them. They were very appreciative.
Donated school supplies through Douglas County Libraries Douglas County School District needy students Parker CO warm hearted to be able to share a little
Donated dog food and treats to Castle Rock Buddy Center Castle Rock Buddy Center Castle Rock CO Happy Provided some food for dogs waiting for a forever home
we left packages of diapers and wipes at baby changing stations in Aurora and Denver Random parents Aurora and Denver CO I remember needing to change my daughter and realizing I had no diapers left…hope that someone in need finds these useful and is grateful
My son delivered mylar baloons, crayons, coloring books and game books Children\’s Hospital Aurora CO happy
I took pizza to my previous co-workers who were working the crisis calls after the shooting Many people Aurora CO Glad that I could do something, during such a helpless time All of the volunteers for that day were fed and the could keep giving such great care to the community
my co-worker made me a cup of coffee and brought it my desk me Englewood CO Loved I will stop yawning 🙂
friend ran an important errand the receiver & ME N Y N Y Igot a needed rest A needed item was delivered
made soup for a special diet N Y N Y helpful a happy vegan
picked up litter All who use little lake park Tulsa OKlahoma resposible for helping others to a more pleasant park experience Lovely space respected
I gave $2 to a man with only one arm holding a sign near Westminster man with a sign Westminster Co compassionate pray he has enough to eat
Colleen loaned me a beautiful dress to wear to Jeremy Bloom tomorrow at the ballroom Mary Louisville Co happy, thankful – I will feel special in her lovely dress, and appreciate her kindness!
an opportunity to work an earlier shift! Mary Superior Co happy! fun to be off work an hour earlier …..
Trip to mountains to enjoy humming birds me WARD co INTO the higher atmosphere Humming Birds DAZZling past Allenspark
Wrote a card in recovery from a fall Independence Mo giving of time also visitd, brought in food & helped til his wounds healed
READING a macular degeneration victim Tulsa OK 2 friends responded When I said, please, I need service & being read to is #1……Offers came!
remembered on 84th me San Francisco Ca special happiness
gave a day taking care of a semi invalid he & his mom who got a change of scene Chicago IL PEACHY/SMILING could FEEL how happy I made some persons who really needed a bright spot
shared bread others who could use Chicago il helpful Some street people ate better
Helped a young man through a first banking experience First time buyer of a over a thous & neede a loan Louisville co important We hlped him see how he could improve his interest rate
Showed me her new buiness card Someone PROUD of achievements Louisville co Happy to be part of HAPPINESS Smiles
ditributed newer?used magazines Doctors offices Detroit mi thoughtful They often have such raggedy an NOT interesting stuff in their waiting rooms
PASSED ON Deepak wisdom several friends AND R2K Lyons co thoughtful my OWN heart LIGHTER & HAPPIER
wisdom from Deepak Chopra thru O MAGAZINE A soul in need of inspiration Denver co balanced Oprah & Deepak helped me see that \” WHATEVER the circumstance A Creative opportunity lies WITHIN them\”
shopping stay at home detroit mi helped out in heat wave Didn\’t have long walk in sun that is really a chore for my 86 yr old legs
typing not-so-good-typist Milbrae ca helped out My typing needs augmented
GIFT from R2K !!! Mandala Makers boulder co honored WE have thir used magazines & are making ART PROJECTS! THANK YOU R2K !
A dear friend gave me a thank you gift after a great night of support and sharing me englewood co appreciated so great to have such love and support
A dear friend surprised me with a box of all-occassion cards designed by Jonathan adler me Englewood CO considered…i love happy chic!! a truly thoughtful and considerate gift! Fashionable thank you\’s, well-wishes, etc.
a friend loaned me a dress for a night out we will be attending in a few weeks, so now I don\’t have to buy one! Mary Louisville Co thankful, budget is tight these days! the dress is cute and actually fits! good times ahead!
a wonderful and delicious home made dinner for my birthday! birthday girl Boulder Co loved, thankful, happy memories together, and delicious food, with a great celebration in honor of my birthday
stopped at a lemonade stand kids selling lemonade Louisville Co inspired by their go get attitudes! thirst quenched!
had my car washed by the inspiring group of young people with to raise money for a child with cancer Jake Boulder Co inspired by their passion! clean car, money raised, and happiness for a great cause
Washed cars for free to raise money for an 8yr old with cancer Boulder, CO Boulder CO Tired but fulfilled Clean cars and a little boy who can receive the treatment he needs
My coworkers at Costco signed a birthday card and sang Happy Birthday to me at work!!! Mary Superior Co LOVED! Joyful, thankful, blissful, SURPRISED! a wonderful birthday memory … kindness
A TSA agent took the time to smile and tell me I was beautiful Me Denver CO Seen It made me smile and want to pay it forward by being kind to strangers on my flight
Anastasia is dog sitting for Ruffers Ruffers Louisville Co inspired by her kindness! Ruffers is well loved while his family is out of town
Lori gave a bag of clothing she no longer wears send to MX or keep a few items! Superior Co thankful!!! clothing for free!
made a small donation to MS society to sponsor my chiropractor and his wife who are involved and passionate about research to find a cure for MS MS society Boulder Co happy! tbd –
sent out an alarm friends & relatives Boulder co Happy to spread the news MICHAEL SEAN will be 50 on July 9!!! Let\’s get those cards & e mails ROLLING IN!
gave time & energy Young man with a moral problem Nederland co caring & helpful time will tell
letter of concern Me Nederland co like making a new cotract with myself As the letter says: Maybe I can use a bad action as an OPPORTUNITY
fresh apples for the homeless Each one I passed as I drove by Longmont co supportive Fruit good for liquid & energy
supported young photographer her Boulder City nv respectful appreciation for someones dream
birthday Dinner Golden Birthday Boy louisville co HAPPY surrounded by love
that old sweet magic troubled friend Detroit mi patient listener she seemed so happily empty of her worries just by sharing them
message from relatives far away aunt & uncle san diego ca DELIGHTED to be remembered connection with family renewed
WONDERFUL BOOK Seniors PA & MA Boulder co we are delighted & honored beyond telling Stories of our past & present written with love and tenderness…..KINDNESS as beautiful as it always is!
My chiropractor and his staff allowed me to take his sweet dog, Yezy out for a walk! She goes to his office every day, and it was a treat to get to take her for a walk after my appointment!! Yezi and Dr. Craig & staff Boulder Co happy, and thankful Yezi and I had a fun walk on the Goose Creek path
reading Lucas\’s entries about the impact my support to him made this week made my day!! Mary Louisville Co so great that he appreciated the support, and paid it forward by putting air in my bicycle tires for me!! kindness!
one of my employees told me that i created a wow moment for her in my presentation elva englewood co considered and respected it set the tone for a wonderful day of contribution
compliments on a great gala invitation design epiphany englewood co proud of my team hopefully strong attendance!
a colleague in philanthropy allowed me to attend his staff meeting to review a new creative piece that he developed. elva Denver CO respected and selected! i was truly moved by an incredible work of artistry
my management team gave me the perspective and support that i needed me englewood CO in partnership with a committed duo A freer spirit and a list of to dos TBD!
I brought my mom a bike pump, at work, so we could pump her tires. Mary Louisville Colorado Just happy to give back to her, after everything she\’s always done for me. A totally rad bike ride home, dude!!
My mom helped me knock out my entire \”to do\” list, before noon. Lucas Louisville Colorado It put my life back into perspective. It can be simple and fun to bat down responsibilities as they come at you. \”Bat
Someone annonomosly paid our dinner bill of over $350 while eating out and celebrating my girlfriend\’s birthday. And simply asked the server to tell us to have a great nigt and pay it forward. Me and my five girlfriends Denver CO Blown out of the water. It brought joy to my girlfriend who we were celebrating who had just lost her father suddenly and was reminded of his generocity and it brought tears to all of us. We also left the server a VERY big tip! (:
Carpentry senior citizen Millbrae ca comfortable Leaky faucet fixed & costantly watering toliet is back to normal & only runs when flushed
Dinner brought by a neighbor for my husband and myself when I was ill Kathy Woodward Broomfield Colorado So grateful for her generosity and time My husband had a good dinner even though I was sick!
Helped a disabled woman get into her car in parking lot at a grocery store. Don\’t know her Lafayette CO Humbled She was very appreciateive that someone she didn\’t know would stop and help her.
GOOD Perm! Straight haired one South Bend IN SHE LISTENED tm & lft it in 3 minutes longer Got the hair do I wanted & feel great for summer pool days without rag mop hair( thats\’ how it seemed to me …. thankful for a rescue.
Found some Knock Knock jokes for a friend who collects them her South Bend IN full of SMILES HE FAVE: K K , Whos there? SAM & JANET,Sam & Janet who/ \” Sam & Janet evening yiu may meet a stranger…….
someone had me over for lunch Crabby old lady ST PAUL mn Understood We talled about being happy \” where you are\” She helped me see my \”complainig\” has to do with too much time on my hands.
loaned out the Kindness car to Adam Adam Louisville Co Helpful, kind, and loving! he has wheels while his own wheels are being repaired
A rose from a co-worker Holly cappello Littleton Co It was unexpected and created a feeling of joy It made me think about the goodness in others
card with a GRAND,COMMANDING ANGEL friend Chicago IL RESPECTED! NOT CUTIE PIE ANGELS LIKE SOME VALENTINES BUT a huge Gravestone angel that like the poet Rilkes\’ Angels is TERRYFIng and mkes one aware of the fact that BLISS is serious as well as enchanting
LISTENING WIDOW FRIEND Chicago IL companionable Sha could as time progressed TELL SOME HAPPY stories
gave the men at the traffic stop little windmills for their signs which read \”ANYTHING HELPS\” – they put the windmills into the cardboard and smiled, they put their hands over their hearts as I drove away … bright moment of my day Boulder Co inspired by their kindness they made me feel lucky and loved …
SOUTHERN COOKING ME FROM NEIGHBOR Tulsa OK satisfied Mempis friend made some her specillty pork with cajun seasonings & served on top of rice with turnips SOOOO GOOD
Refrgerato covers fo left overs fFriend Lafayette co FILLED A NEED Wonderful USABLE, THOUGHTFUL GIFT
heard story of kindnees senior woman memphis Tenn Hope for all humanity Young man heard of a walker much needed by a senior lady…..Next morning she found one delivered to her porch WITH HER NAME ON IT !
Support in tough decision-making Me Parker CO Considered TBD!
A stranger left a note on my car regarding a parking ticket that was given to me before my meter was actually out of time! She even took the time to take a photo of the time that was left on my meter and the ticket that was left to help me contest it! Elva Denver CO Sooooo great that someone would take the time to be so considerate for someone they didn\’t even know! AMAZING to witness such kindness in action! I\’ve never been so happy to get a ticket in my life! Was truly extraordinary to get so much joy in a situation that could have been such a bummer!!
Helpre clean up a MESS our cleaning lady Detroit mi pleased to have compassion for one who helps so manyShe DROPPED a raw pizz as she tried to get it into oven 3 of us pitched in and had it shining in about 20 mins. We warmed some leftovers & will try pizza again soon ALL WITH GOOD FEELINGS!!
new underwear 88 yr old Memphis TEnn EXOTIC Great when someone supplies an essential that I can\’t get out to get for myself
neighbor gave a bag of sweet potato dog treats pets Louisville Co kindly remembered happy pets
left a bag of canned food donations for the US Post Office \”nice day for a drive\” initiative needy Louisville Co happy to help unknown
PASSING ON INFO anyone interested Boulder co Happy to share news of a FREE Renissance cocert to be given at Boulder Downtown Library Ck Library for TIME & ya\’ll Come if you can!
thanm you note one who LOVES the warmth of THE LITTLE GIVE Boulder co appreciated for my effort even though it was not really signifiacant Worker Bee felt like a Nightengale
Windy bought me a can of tiger balm for my aching muscles!!! Mary Superior Co loved, nurtured, cared for muscles are in less pain!
Took Time to listen my child BERKELEY CA as I would act more often to my so precious child a tnder gentleness in our relationship
Teacher in ART class students San Diego ca Her philosophy: When people are Ceative they are NOT destructive sooo think of our ceativity as a positive force .
Buddha cartoon in mail advocate of Buddhist priciples Berkeley ca less in my ego mode Remembering how forgiving & full of good will the Dali Lama is
inspiation me LaFayette co a gentler person feeling HAPPY to know I can share the R2K philosophy & make somenoe elses world a little brighter just like mine is becoming THROUGH LITTLE ACTS OF compassion
LISTENED neighbors complaint La Fayette co Maybe my dogs are barking too much Maybe I need to find a neighborhood \”WALKER\” who will exercise them when I have to work overtime
gave an apple from my lunch bag homeless woman LaFayette co responsible a step toward caring
picked up cans & papers that had been thrown on a path by my home me & the community lafayette co responsible one small step of thoughtfulness
information about Resort2Kindness a friend told me I\”D be inspired if I read KINDNESS REPORTS Nederland co interested I feel the last 3 kindest things I did are a result of considering R2K
pick up for inner city event too old to navigate city traffic Denver co serviced by the Kindness of R2K old folks safely delivered to meeting & home again
CHEESE for Poppa…..nail strengthener for me the folks Taos NM GREAT Daughter acted on 2 things we had mentioned as need of. BRAVO!
took a friend to GOODWILL STORE her Superior co helpful Her grandchidren needed summer clothes and with her limited budget she was able to outfit them beautifully
delivered a meal friend who has been tied up at hospital due to her husbands sudden illness san Jose ca thoughtful she was most grateful
left a flower older lady a Holocaust survivor Boulder co humble she has a beautiful smile & even though I tried to make it an R2K unkown donor she guessed it was me
Anastasia came and took a walk with the dogs and I at Dry Creek Open Space Jack, Zen, and Jillian Boulder Co great!! dogs and people happy and unwind
Dad and Mom sent a bag with home made lentil soup and other goodies Mary Louisville Co loved, happy, thankful! kindness!
tomatoe plant ma & pa LYONS co THEY KNOW WHAT WE LIKE We\’ll be enjoying patio tomatoes this summer
Thoughtful thank you one I made a homemade present for Millbrae ca appreciated SMILES!
made lentil soup a favorite vegetarian Millbrae ca sharing We both eat GOOD home made soup
Katie gave me some natural soaps she was passing forward because she\’s moving and doesn\’t want to pack them Mary Superior Co thought of! loved! kindness
Helped with gas $ man who drives 30 miles a week to visit a stroke victim Palo Alto ca Happy to help him continue his compassionate visits Stroke victim has NO nearby relatives
Took friend to pharmacy her Green Bay Wisc helpful she got health products she needed
Help present for woman who has been through much tragedy Green Bay WISC Happy SHE BEAMED
Told friend about R2K Sgn holders on streets Louisville CO Happy to be part of R2K She donated a 12 pack of bottled water to be passed out to needy persons
Vdeo Mom & daughter Lyons Co POPS is singing My Darling Clemintine PURE HAPPINESS
purchased 2 raffle tickets to help the SNOW LION Buddhist school in Boulder where my neighbor\’s daughter goes to school neighbor\’s daughter and students at SNOW LION Boulder Colorado great!! kindness
contributed to a student travel fund H S Soph who needs $ to go with class to Puerto Rico Nederland co Helping instill tolerace when students travel they see how like we all are as humans