The Resort 2 Kindness mission is to make the world a better, kinder place for today’s and future generations who can learn from our example. The organization’s belief is that doing little things can make a big impact. We do this through:

1)  Individual “Random Acts of Kindness”

Participants share Random Acts of Kindness with people in their lives who they know or don’t know! Anyone of your choosing can be a potential recipient – friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors – or a brand new person who crosses your path just walking down the street. Kindness is a gift you can share everyday in a variety of ways. It generally costs you nothing but a moment in time. (See list of kindness ideas in “How to Participate”.)

2)  Charity Sponsors Who Multiply The Kindness

Business owners and organizations sponsor every act that R2K participants complete, or contribute financially based on a percentage of their sales. They make a monetary contribution to R2K or the charities of their choice based on their commitment level. One hundred percent of all funds contributed by Charity Sponsors goes directly to the charity. No funds are used to support R2K administratively, so every kindness – and every dollar – counts! See “Our Sponsors” for more information.

3)  Annual Giving Initiatives

Every year, Resort 2 Kindness holds Giving Initiatives to give back to people and organizations in need, with the donations made from sponsors and individual Resort 2 Kindness supporters.