Get In Action

Just follow these simple steps to participate and become an ambassador of Resort 2 Kindness:

  1. Do a Random Act of Kindness – plug someone’s expired meter, shovel your neighbor’s walk, pick up trash from a park, offer to walk your elderly neighbor’s dog…whatever and wherever you see an opportunity to help someone out just because you can – do!  (For a list of other ideas, see “Kindness Ideas”)
  2. Leave a Kindness Ticket – R2K Kindness Tickets allow you to let the recipient know what kindness you shared with them – and request that they “pay it forward” with a kindness of their own.  You do not always have to leave a ticket – that decision is up to you, but it is a great way to spread the word about the cause. Tickets are available in both hard copy printed format FREE of charge and in a downloadable PDF for you to print your own if you choose (see “Kindness Tools” for more details).
  3. Log Your Kindness – Once you complete a kindness, log it into the “Register Your Kindness” section of this website.  That way, we can not only track each kindness to increase our sponsorship contributions to charity, but we can all share what we are doing as an R2K family with one another to see our work and commitment in action.
  4. Participating in the Organization’s “Give Initiatives” – Every year, Resort 2 Kindness holds giving initiatives to give back to people and organizations in need, with the funds raised from their sponsors and Resort 2 Kindness supporters.