The Little Give 2016 Event Recap

The Little Give is always a special and heartwarming event for R2K, and this year’s event was exponentially so because it both honored and celebrated the extraordinary life of the inspiration behind R2K, Patrick Pellouchoud, and rewarded the selfless acts of ‘Love and Sanctuary’ demonstrated by our recipient, Chad France, towards his family.

When Chad’s mother passed away seven years ago Chad was a fresh faced graduate out of college, an MBA in one hand and dribbling a basketball with the other. His love for basketball was surpassed only by the love he has for his seven younger siblings, who were adopted by his mother when Chad was just a kid himself. Three separate sets of siblings entered his world, and his mom created one big happy family for them all. Some were only three years old when they first came into Chad’s life! Although gaining custody of his siblings after she passed was a struggle, he persevered through all the red tape and obstacles he encountered. Of utmost importance to him was maintaining the loving home and family unit his mom had created for all her children.

“The fact that you believed in yourself and you believed in the love of your family enough to take on all of your siblings when your mom passed, for us, we were just so incredibly inspired by that.” Elva said fighting back the tears during our big reveal on December 16.

Patrick Pellouchoud also made a difference for many, like Chad, raising 15 children. Nine gifted to him through biology. Six heart chosen through adoption. Although perceived as a sacrifice by some, Pat didn’t see it that way. He taught his children, through the way he lived his life, that love, kindness and generosity matters above all else.

Pat, ‘The Silver Fox’ to those who loved him most, passed away July 8 of this year. “Wonderful people chose to donate to the Silver Fox Fund in honor of my dad” Elva said. “We wanted to do something that would honor him.” Elva told Chad that the reason he was chosen as the Little Give 2016 Recipient was because “we think you have the same kind of qualities as my father.” With Barbara Pellouchoud nodding her head in agreement sitting next to Chad, Elva added, “he took on something big just like you.”

Watch the video created for Chad during the big reveal in its entirety here!

Chad was at a loss for words at the end of The Little Give 2016, and here’s why! This is the breakdown of the gifts showered upon him on December 16, made possible thanks to our generous ‘Silver Fox Memorial Fund’ donors:

Gifts for Chad and every member of the family – worth more than $3,500
January Mortgage Payment – (amount withheld)
Phillips 66 Gas Card – $200
Regal Cinemas movie tickets and concessions gift cards – $750
Tickets to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – $220
Bowling voucher at The Summit Interquest – $260
Olive Garden gift card – $200
Red Robin gift card – $200
Steak ‘n Shake gift card – $200
King Soopers gift card for groceries – $200
Whole Foods Christmas Eve dinner, cooked and ready for pick-up – $430
(We ordered extra to ensure leftovers for all on Christmas Day!)
Chad’s Basketball Hoops Camp sponsorship – $5,000

Thank you to all who donated to the Silver Fox Memorial Fund!
Your generosity helped keep
Pat’s spirit alive
and Chad’s dreams come true!

W.J. Hagerty & Sons, Ltd, Nancy O’Dorisio, Scott Berkowitz, Greg Harvey,
Pamela Lessing, Kathleen Magyar, Barbara Pellouchoud, Marcia Licht, Lynne Foote,
Pamela and Judith (neighbors to Barbara Pellouchoud),
the G2G Collection, and Epiphany, Inc.

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