Thanks to your kindness and the endless support of our sponsors, The Little Give 2010 (30-days of Expenseless Giving) generated $1,000 for Project Angel Heart, allowing them to provide 225 meals to the clients it serves. Since 1991, Project Angel Heart has been committed to serving healthy and delicious meals to men, women and children, with life-threatening illness.  3,000 volunteers contribute their time; expertise and love to ensure their clients have nutritious meal to help them in their fight to stay healthy.

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While the Little Give has ended, we hope you have discovered how easy it is to bring kindness to your life (and others) each day. Don’t let the tradition stop. Find ways each day to bring someone a smile and simultaneously bring happiness to your life. And remember to share your kind acts with others by logging them on the Kindness Counter. Keep caring, keep logging, and start the new year off a more fulfilled and happy you!