Chad France was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8th, 1982. He was the younger of two boys. Chad’s single mother, Myrtice Lee-France, decided to join the US Army at age 29 and at age 3, Chad and his nine year old brother Javon, accompanied their mother across the Atlantic Ocean on their first ever plane ride to spend the next 11 years in Germany.

It was not always easy growing up so far away from the rest of their family in the US. While trying to make ends meet on a single, enlisted-soldier salary, Myrtice worked multiple jobs to make extra money using her many talents such as cooking, baking, sewing and painting, ensuring that her sons would never have to go without or feel left out compared to other kids in their neighborhood. And without a father figure available, Chad looked up to his big brother Javon who always kept him fed and safe.

Eventually, Myrtice was able to save up enough money to buy Chad a portable basketball hoop. This kept Chad focused and driven. He would play daily – sometimes with nothing but the glow of streetlights late at night. Chad was so committed to basketball that even during the winters, he would still be outside with a hat on, a snowsuit and gloves still practicing. His dream was to become a professional basketball player, buy his mother a home and provide the best life possible for her just like she did with their family.

Chad completely devoted all his time, focus and dedication towards basketball. He played all day, everyday. Eventually, Chad made a name for himself and the other kids knew of him on nearby military bases. When Chad got older, he went on to play with other club teams in the area. He won championships in Germany, France, England and Austria. Back in the US, his entire high school career record was 125-10. In college, Chad continued to excel in basketball and was named “RMAC All-Conference” back-to-back champ and to this day, still holds the record for highest number of FG’s% (field goal percentage) and blocked shots! With all of Chad’s successful basketball accomplishments, he believes that his mother’s proudest moments were each time he graduated. Mytrice displayed his diplomas proudly in her home: High School, a Double Major Undergraduate and a Master’s in Business Administration.

After graduating, Chad played in semi-professional teams while competing against Division one players and even NBA champions. Sadly, everything came to a halt when Mytrice passed away on September 19, 2010. Her passing has been the most difficult moment Chad has ever experienced in his entire life. Despite his heartbreak, Chad stepped up to the plate and did what many people would never do – at only 28 years old, he became the legal guardian of seven siblings that his Mother had adopted after retiring from the military. Although Chad’s new role as “father” has naturally consumed his life, he still finds his ‘escape’ in the love of the game – although now more in coaching and officiating than playing.

“Basketball has paved the path for so much of my life” says Chad. “It is why I feel so driven to bring the game to young kids who can use its principles to provide valuable life lessons as it did for me. By starting the King Academy of Training, I hope to provide future generations with the same foundation of discipline, hard work and a drive to achieve.”

Chad’s King Academy of Training (KAT) will kick off its first camp in July, 2018 and YOU can help make his dream succeed by donating to his cause. Click the Amazon Smile icon below to be redirected to his Wish List!