Resort 2 Kindness R2K Roses and Poses Kindness Day 2017

The cold, rain and flurries of snow did not discourage the seniors at Dayspring Villa Assisted Living from enjoying the overwhelming warmth of kindness that filled their dining hall on Friday, April 28th for our R2K Kindness Day 2017!

Our theme, Roses & Poses, consisted of an indoor garden party combined with a colorful array of both handcrafted, paper flowers and beautifully fresh-smelling roses that embellished the ceiling, building pillars and table displays. We spent the afternoon teaching the residents of Dayspring Villa how to create adorable “DIY” (do-it-yourself) flower bouquets made out of cupcake wrappers and pipe cleaners along with engaging in enjoyable conversations and a whole lot of laughs!

The seniors were also entertained with a live jazz band, delicious finger sandwiches, chilled beverages, decorated cookies, cupcakes and macaroons, along with professional photographers who documented the whole experience with a custom-made photo backdrop abundantly covered in flowers, designed especially for our event. We had a printer that made on-the-spot photos for the residents, which they were then able to have as keepsakes along with the cupcake flower crafts they made.

We cannot forget to mention the festive attire that the seniors posed in for great fun that consisted of extravagant fascinator hats for the ladies, newsboy caps for the gentlemen, parasols, bowties and gloves…just to name a few!

Roses & Poses was certainly an affair to remember and embodied our 2017 annual platform, which is ‘KINDship’ – a perfect blend of kindness and kinship that brings to life our belief that WE CAN make the world a better and more kinder place simply by doing little things that leave a big and lasting impact! This event could not have been made possible without the help of the wonderful individuals who all contributed to making this day such a memorable experience for everyone involved, especially the residents.

Below is a list of everyone who helped to make our Kindness Day such a success:

Latoya Garcia and her team at Dayspring Villa Assisted Living, Lauren Nau and her team at Three Tomatoes Catering, Myisha Mccarthy and her team at Newberry Brothers, Butler Rents, The Jerry Weiss Band, Dimitrie and his team of photographers with Step Up Photo and Mark Wiesinger and his team at Sprint Denver.

THANK YOU to our volunteers:

 The staff of Dayspring Villa, Michelle Spann, Brett Garske, Sarah Poffel, Mary Pellouchoud, Shirley Lowe, Greg Harvey, Mark Zwingelberg, Addison Siecker, Amy Wright, Melissa Joy Kong, James Wiesinger, Brittany King, Eric Kidd, Jessica Kidd, Dena Shelton, Ryan Bursey, Julia Patrick, Matt Siecker, Caroline Rice, Nicola Wales-Wong and Elva Pellouchoud.

Special Mentions

 Thank you to Barbara Pellouchoud, for traveling all the way from Boulder to be part of our special day. Patrick and Barbara Pellouchoud are the parents of our founder, Elva Pellouchoud and the inspiration behind Resort 2 Kindness!

Check out our “gallery” section to see video and pictures from this event, along with other R2K events from previous years!