The week before Kindness Day we realized we had a problem, but it was a good problem! The truck we reserved to deliver the donations for the Denver Rescue Mission warehouse was not big enough to handle all of the donations gathered by our loving community! So we upgraded to a 30-foot truck, and loaded it with over two tons of sugar, flour, oil, food supplies, clothing, toiletries and a big check for $3,000!

Denver Rescue Mission’s warehouse manager, Bobby Bigsby, was so thrilled to see all of the donations when we opened the truck! He said that the DRM usually receives 600 pounds of sugar in two years worth of donations, and on Kindness Day, they received 1,200 pounds from R2K in just one day! “So guess what” he added with a smile, “that’s sweet!” He also said that it would have been easy for R2K, after unloading a big truck of donations, to just leave it at that. But with all the extra work the volunteers put in sorting and counting the supplies, their warehouse team is now months ahead of schedule on their tasks list! The volunteer team worked hard and made us proud.

R2K chose ‘Love and Sanctuary’ as our annual platform this year, and what better way to embody that than by helping those transitioning out of homelessness. In the words of Fred Rogers “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” And boy did we help!

Below is a list of all the helpers who made Sanctuary possible this Kindness Day:

Cash Donors
Nancy O’Dorisio, Hagerty Family in honor of Dominic Gilbert, James Wiesinger, Dena Shelton, Greg Harvey, Laura Lewis, Paul Bursey, Allen Kennedy, Philip Pellouchoud, Patrick & Barbara Pellouchoud, Patrick Bursey, Reagan Dean, Vanessa Shewmaker, Kathleen Magyar, Mary Pellouchoud, Julia Patrick, Michelle Spann, Jeanie Lee, Thomas Nigro, Julie Dapice, Mr. Gordon Goff, Mr. Kay Morison, Marnie Rundiks, Epiphany, Inc. And thanks to all our generous cash donors,
we were able to increase the $3,000 check to $4,000,
so Bobby can replace a dying forklift battery in the warehouse!

In-Kind Donors
Chris Turner on behalf of Turner PR, Mark Zwingelberg on behalf of Sprint Press, Diandra Coronel on behalf of Vans, Tamara Harney, George Bogdewiecz, Marne Brase, Leeanne Super and family, Greg Harvey, Andrew & Katie Pickering, Bill & Grace Baucum, Sarah Poffel, Patrick and Barbara Pellouchoud, and all the anonymous donors who helped fill the Donation Stations!

Donation Station Coordinators and Contributors
Personal Achievement Martial Arts, Colorado’s Pro Gym, Trillby and Cherish Stewart, the staff at Denver Children’s Hospital, the staff at Costco Superior, K2 Denver Office, Maureen Callahan on behalf of Destination Hotels and Resorts, Nicole Estes on behalf of Jones Lang LaSalle.

Ian Connor, Jonathan Tyler, Evan Marcus, Eugene Filliopovich, Ted Vockman, Leeanne Super, Guy Super, Annemarie Super, Michelle Spann, Dena Shelton, James Wiesinger, Brittany King, Eric Kidd, Jessica Kidd, Andrew Pickering, Ryan Bursey, Greg Harvey, Mary Pellouchoud.

Special Mentions
Patrick and Barbara Pellouchoud, the inspiration for R2K, for travelling down all the way from Boulder to be a part of the day. We all cherished the grace and warmth of their presence throughout the day. And thank you to Mary Pellouchoud for being their chauffeur!

Rachel-Ann Howard for all the behind the scenes sample gathering, and for her patience and understanding when a complete change of plans was put in place.

Bobby Bigsby and the Ministry Outreach Center team for welcoming and accommodating us so warmly.

Alexxa Gagner, Director of Public Relations Denver Rescue Mission, for helping us find the perfect location for Kindness Day 2016!


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