The calendar may have said spring, but outside it was a winter wonderland for Kindness Day 2013! Our kindness volunteers were ready to help and there was no way we were going to let a spring blizzard dampen our spirits! Armed with all of our cleaning supplies and positive spirit, we set out the make our 5th annual Kindness Day a huge success!

Although the weather did require a few last minute changes, our day at The Bramford Apartments was not only successful, but also truly inspirational! The Bramford is a condominium complex occupied primarily by senior citizens in Boulder, Colorado. Resort 2 Kindness offered to help with any small jobs people needed to be done around their homes. We washed windows, vacuumed floors, hung curtains and set clocks. But there were two special jobs that left an unforgettable impact on all of us!

Joyce, 86, wanted help with scanning pictures into her computer and creating a blog that she has wanted to use to track her travels and passions around the world. So although Epiphany creative director, James Wiesinger, created her new online platform, we’re convinced Joyce taught us as much as we taught her. During our time together, Joyce shared stories of the many adventures that have introduced her to dozens of different cultures and characters. She shared with us her love of art and her gift of word – and one special “epiphany” she’s held dear about the gift that live is.

Lola, 88, didn’t want jobs done around her home; she just wanted to have tea with some R2K company. She came bearing a platter of fresh homemade cookies and captured our attention and imagination with her extraordinary spirit immediately. After sharing pictures of her stunning and accomplished granddaughters, Lola started telling us her story of survival. During WWII, Lola was imprisoned in a concentration camp and then taken to a death camp that took the lives of her everyone in her family except for one sister. Lola shared heart-wrenching stories of the atrocities she witnessed and the unimaginable conditions of life that she was forced into. Yet, even so, nearly 70 years after her experience, Lola’s only advice to each of us was the life lesson she learned from her time in the camps.

“Let go of hate,” she said. “For hate only takes away from the joy with which you will live your life.”

Kindness Day 2013 was so much more than just a day of service! It was lessons of life, survival and perseverance. A reminder of the important things in the world and living each day with everything you have. We are all better people from our day at The Bramford.

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